A Wedding, A Meetup, A Woman Never Happier–The First 2 Days

So I left off on July 7th. I was on a plane heading to Red Bank, New Jersey to the wedding of two of the finest people that I have the pleasure of knowing. Out of all the people that were invited to the wedding, I had only met one of those people in person before. Needless to say, I was a bundle of nerves.

My plane was originally supposed to come in after Cindy’s, but we left on time and somehow arrived early. I texted Simon as soon as we landed to let him know that I was on the ground. He met me at baggage claim and we went to get Cindy. As soon as we got over there, Simon surprised Cindy and I with the most awesome poster (that I now own).

The Irish Pubcast is a podcast that Simon and another fellow Boardie, Wayne, started with their friend, Graham, in Dublin, Ireland. Its one of my most favorite podcasts to listen to as I can always count on my Irishmen for a pick me up. During our trip, Cindy and I recorded an episode of Pubcast with Simon. If you’d like to listen, it can be found here.

We quickly headed for the train and headed for Red Bank. As we were walking from the train station, we were taken by surprise as out of no where popped Gavin. We chatted for a few and we continued our trek to mecca, aka Jay and Silent Bob’s Secret Stash, where Ming was waiting to greet us. I also got to meet the dubious shopkeep, Walt, and Mike (who so damn awesome the entire time we were there). We stopped for a bite at the Dublin House and then headed for our hotels to gear up for Bachelor and Bachelorette shenanigans.

The boys all headed to New York City for the Bachelor party, while all of us girls (and a few of the guys) stayed in Red Bank for the Bachelorette party. We had dinner at The Downtown CafĂ©. I had just recently started using Foursquare (after being too afraid to use it in Italy due to OPSEC). I checked in to The Downtown and got us 30% off our meal.  /hi5 to me! We had a grand time, took it easy (we only hopped to one other bar!) since we knew the next few days would be packed with excitement.

Quick tangent, the food at all these different restaurants in Red Bank is just absolutely amazing. From the Dublin House to Broadway Grill, Broadway Diner, The Downtown, Boondocks. Oh so good!

Cindy and I took our time getting ready on Friday since the boys were still in NYC and we wanted to gear ourselves up for the Dublin House pre-wedding party that night. We watched the shuttle launch then headed out to grab some lunch at the Broadway Grill then to the Stash for awhile before picking up Megan at the Red Bank train station.

Another quick tangent, Cindy and I had a discussion during our lunch this day about just how picturesque Red Bank it is. It is the town you think of when you think about Anytown, USA.

I roomed with Cindy for the first night in NJ and for the last 3 nights. In between that, I roomed with Megan. Her and I went to go get in our room and get settled before heading up to Gavin and Nikki’s room for a little Dublin House pre-gaming.

It was here that I got two surprises! I finally met the notorious Vulgarian and VASHL biotch, Paul Saunders and Adam (aka SBF), AND I was presented Clerks Etnies by Gavin!

The Dublin House get-together wasn’t a rehearsal dinner at all, but more of a gathering of all the Boardies who were in or around the area. I met so many awesome people. I chatted with the only and only ArtistJim. I finally met and was bear-hugged by the Mom and Pop of the VA Board, Kevin and Maria. Dianae drove down from NY and we had a uniting of the American Ladies of Pubcast. We partied hard and then took the party back to the hotel for jello shots, poker, and shenanigans before heading to bed to gear up for the big day!

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