A Wedding, A Meetup, A Woman Never Happier– Part 3, The Wedding!

I left off at the beginning of Gavin and Nikki’s big day. Megan was up and out the door early to go document the joyous day, and I spent the day meeting up with various Boardies who I hadn’t seen because they got in late or were arriving that day.

As food was a priority for most of us, I found Carrie and Steven, so we could head to the Broadway Diner. A slew of Boardies came in and out. Karla and Dex, Zeta, Trevor and his wife, Jen, Kevin and Maria. And finally our dining partners showed up! My fellow Connecticunt and the fluffiness herself, Linnitt, and her awesome hubby, Korey.

Afterwards, we walked to the Stash to see if we could help with anything and we found the Waltons. Everything was taken care of for later in the day, so I darted across the street with Chase to get a glimpse of the prestigious Jack’s Music Shoppe. I seriously could be in there all day and never get tired of it.
The Jay and Silent Bob Secret Stash can only hold so many people. There were about 15 or so of us Boardies that weren’t going to be at the actual ceremony, so we got together in Carrie and Steven’s room for a listening party. Right here is where I would include the link to their SMarriage on Smodcast.com, but it still isn’t uploaded.

We got some snacks and drinks, and had quite the bit of company. As much as I would have loved to have been at the Stash, I think the listening party was better as I got to spend some time with a few people that I had been looking forward to doing so with. Right in the middle of the ceremony, KT, Dawn, Amanda and David all showed up after driving halfway across the country. I got to have the biggest and best Bunny hug in the whole world.

Another great thing about the listening party was that we got to lounge to listen to the ceremony and then had about an hour or so to get ready for the reception. The dress I wore was one that I had picked especially for Gavin and Nikki’s wedding. I was so happy to finally wear it.

The reception was a wonderful time. I got to meet even more Boardies that I had been looking forward to meeting. People like Jon and most of our British contingency, who (thanks to Gerry) all knew who I was before I introduced myself.

Nikki was absolutely gorgeous in her dress. I loved that all the groomsmen had the LOTR green leaf brooch (probably not called that since they are guys, but whatever). Simon’s best man speech was epic and a great time was had by all.

Before I had flown up for the wedding, my friend had seen the wedding invitation on the table and didn’t understand the whole theme of Lord of the Rings vs Star Wars. One side of the room was Lord of the Rings and the other was Star Wars. Even though I was pro-LOTR, I was sitting on the Star Wars side. That worked in my favor, though, as I got to sit next to two of my most favorite people in the world, Jamie and Chase Walton. These are definitely two of the most wonderful people. Hands down. Unfortunately, we got absolutely no pictures together during the few days that they came up, but there’s always October.

We also shared our table with Troy, and his wife. I got to sit and chat with Troy for awhile. He’s one helluva awesome guy and I can relate with him a lot due to a lot of the things he has experienced in his life. Definitely looking forward to picking his brain again. There’s many people like that in the VA community. I spent a lot of my time just asking questions to people and listening. I do have to say I prefer talking one on one with people than through typing, but we do what we have to do to keep in touch.

One of the big highlights of my night was my dance partner for the night, Adam. I have to go back a bit because Adam and I didn’t really get on back on the Version 2 part of the board, and once the newest version rolled out, he really hasn’t been seen around. I knew about him through mostly everyone else, and we had chatted a bit the day and night before the reception. Not a lot of people really know how much I love to dance. I have never taken lessons, but at family parties, clubs, or what have you, I am usually one of the first people on the dance floor. The reception was no exception and having a great partner like Adam made it even better.

One of my favorite moments of the night was when Adam came around and told everyone that we had to get on the dance floor to dance and sing to “Don’t Stop Believin”. This prompted an outburst from Paul Saunders that left me in stitches. For those who didn’t witness this, Paul cannot stand “Don’t Stop Believin” because there is no such thing as South Detroit. I, being me, had to push him further and ask what the hell he was talking about. See, Paul is Canadian and grew up in Ontario, part of which could be considered South Detroit. Hence, South Detroit not existing. He proved his point later on that evening via Google Maps.
I’m going to transgress again! Remember, how I got those Clerks Etnies? Gavin came over to me and told me to go get them. Megan took a few pictures of Gavin, myself, Simon and Paul all in our Etnies. And yes, I wore my Etnies with my pretty dress. Definitely my favorite picture of the entire weekend.

Photos courtesy of Unblinking I Photography

Speaking of Megan, I didn’t get to spend as much time with her as I had wanted due to the fact that she was technically “working”. I hope to spend more time with her at a later date, but for the little time that we did have, she is absolutely amazing. A little tornado that one.
The night wouldn’t have been complete if not for our wonderful DJ, yet another Boardie, Nate 3.0 himself. Very dapper in his vest. All he needed was the BSG Official Soundtrack and his music set would have been complete.

The only real complaint I had about the night was any time I put my drink down (whether to grab my camera to take a pic or run to the bathroom), the wait staff immediately grabbed it and got rid of it. I seriously had 2 full Gin and Tonics that went missing within 5 minutes of getting them from the bar. It was an open bar, but I didn’t expect to have to keep going back for another when I didn’t even finish the first.

Time flew and soon it was time to vacate the reception hall. We moved the party into the hotel bar that was hosting karaoke and a few of our girls were able to get some songs in. Jess sang Zombie (I think) and KT sang us some Rebel Yell, which, had I known, I would have jumped there with her for. After the bar shut down, we headed up to Gavin and Nikki’s room for more drinks and conversation. This is when Paul showed me that there is no such existence as South Detroit.

At some point everyone started heading downstairs for a smoke break, and I went to mine and Megan’s room and fell asleep. This is a lesson to be learned everyone. If I say that I need to “go get something” or I have to go to my room for some reason, don’t let me go alone and pop some caffeine into my drink.

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