A Selection of Some of My Poems

It's been quite awhile since I blogged. I have to have some motivation behind it. So in the mean time, I thought I'd share another form of my writing, my poetry. I have been writing since I was 14, with breaks here and there. Without further ado, here's a few of my favorites from over the past 12 years.

The Meaning of an Asterisk
A string of curse words
Pouring from your mouth
How can something so dirty, be so sultry?
Say them again
Speak your poems of filth
Fill my ears with your nasty sonancy
I yearn for your treacherous soliloquies
Kiss my lips
I want your disease

The Gist of My Epiphany
Twinkling stars of broken glass
Every sunbeam was a razor
Every moonbeam, a bomb
Caught in the earthquake
Oxygen is not enough as I feel my chest get tight
I had a book about hope
But I rejected the notion

At the Edge of Tomorrow
Chromatic summer daisies stretch toward the paling tangerine sun
Their tilted stems sway away from phantom shadows
Whilst spectres dance in the ever-increasing beclouded twilight
Luminescence hovers betwixt misty petals
Blossoms grasp for final moments of radiance
Trying desperately to create a vestige of day to get through the night

Places I Might Have Turned
I still think about him sitting there
Amongst twinkling stars of broken glass
Cigarette burns on his wrist and maple wood guitar in his hands
His warped songs enrapturing my soul in the backseat of a jalopy
When we left fresh tracks in the mud in the middle of the night
Teeming with steam, sweat and wild eyes
Always wanting this to last forever and a minute more
You just really had to be there

In A Different Light
You gave another look when the glass hit the floor,
How your eyes fluttered then.
(You always were the cynic)
Mark that on your calendar; ground within the mortar.
I’'m a woman with other wishes.
She read it in the tea leaves.

Visions of Gammas and Neutrons Danced in Their Heads
In her theory of the solar system
The world is spinning and twirling
And like the best day, it's all hazy
Covered in violets
Me, in reverie

Riding the Next Starshine
Trancing through the sky on worldly wings
Passion gushes moondust
Images of wild blossoms fashion an hypnotic encounter
With a belief in the sanctuary of incredible efflorescence

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